david-saavedra1-150x150The Marriage and Family Wellness Center located in McAllen, Texas, has a client base that is comprised mostly of couples, individuals and families. I work primarily with individual adults and children. Most of the children I see are six (6) years of age and older. I typically work with children in the context of family therapy and also enjoy working with adolescents, including difficult-to-treat adolescents who are counseled within the context of family therapy.

The clinical services provided encompasses a wide array of common problem areas such as:
  • Relationship Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Depression

  • Grief, Frozen Grief

  • Child Behavioral Problems

  • Survivors of Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Gay & Lesbian Issues

  • Interpersonal Problems Related to Work

  • Anger

  • Addictions

I specialize in working with families that are going through difficult transitions such as divorce, remarriage, or loss of a loved one.

I am also qualified Substance Abuse Professional (S.A.P.) and conduct evaluations for employees that work for companies in the greater Rio Grande Valley who are under DOT guidelines.

The length of therapy depends on the client.David Saavedra, LCSW