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We provide teraphy tailored for each individual

David Saavedra, LCSW provides short-term psychotherapy services that are practical and solution-focused. A collaborative approach is taken when helping clients make the changes they are seeking.

Additionally, Mr. Saavedra is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy using Clinical Hypnosis, for individuals who have suffered trauma. He also received post-graduate training in clinical social work at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS.

​His practice is a mix of couples and working with adult individuals and adolescents. He is a Clinical Fellow with the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy and specializes in working with families that are going through difficult transitions such as divorce, re-marriage, or loss of a loved one.

​He is also bilingual and fluent in Spanish.

We all love the fast pace and excitement of life. In this always-on life, we often don’t take the time we need to take care of ourselves. For many people, the fast pace of every day and stress of different aspects of our lives (careers, bosses, clients, financial crises, children, spouses and parents) can start to add up and cause real stress. This can lead to anxiety, depression and other painful challenges.

I have helped patients/clients successfully understand and master the ways in which the many currents of their lives interact and affect their emotional health. In addition to working on problems like depression or anxiety, many people use therapy effectively to:

Get to know themselves better

Set and achieve personal or professional goals

Get in touch with emotions, learn how to express emotions, or learn how to manage emotions

Better understand how your past is affecting your present.

Whether it’s couples counseling or family counseling…I customize therapy to best suit each client by drawing from a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, and Mindfulness Meditation. Learning and using these modalities enables clients to find the best path to healing and growth in their own lives. The length of therapy depends on the client.

We inspire and engage people in lifelong emotional health one step at a time.

David Saavedra

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Marriage & Family Therapist Clinical Fellow, AAMFT


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