Diane Myers is in private practice in McAllen, Texas, serving children, zero to 16 years, and their families. Ms. Myers also provides evaluation and intervention services to attorneys and the court in the Rio Grande Valley for high conflict divorce cases to determine the best interests of the child and improve communication between family members.

Diane Myers is a licensed professional counselor with a PhD in Child Development and a concentration in Family Life Education from Texas Woman’s University. Ms. Myers is also a certified filial play therapist with training in expressive arts therapy. She works with families to help improve their communication and assist the parent and child in strengthening their attachment relationship. Parents remain in the therapy room with their children and learn effective ways to become agents of therapeutic change through play. Filial therapy can help parents and children to form closer and happier relationships.

Typical concerns for children include ADHD, anxiety, depression, and/or aggression due to challenging life circumstances such as abuse, divorce, grief, trauma, domestic violence, new sibling, chronic medical conditions or learning disabilities. A thorough developmental intake will be reviewed with the parent during an initial session, (without the child) to determine the best treatment plan. Sessions last approximately 16-24 weeks.

Filial therapy can help children to express their feelings and fears through play.  Children may:

  • Understand their own feelings better
  • Express their feelings more appropriately
  • Be more able to effectively communicate with their parent
  • Increase parent-child trust
  • Become more confident and skilled in solving problems
  • Lessen their problem behaviours
  • Feel more secure
  • Increase feelings of mastery and confidence

Filial therapy can help parents to:

  • Identify and understand their child’s concerns and feelings
  • Learn new communication skills for comfort and security
  • Enjoy playing with their children and giving them positive attention and encouragement
  • Increase their listening skills
  • Develop cooperative communication with their children
  • Develop self-confidence as an authoritative parent
  • Increase parent-child trust
  • Cope with frustrations in family life

Contact Dr. Myers at 956-522-7775 or lindadmyerslpc@gmail.com